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Wine and Women Open Enrollment 2016

vinoymujer-2015-350Open registration for the ninth edition of the International Wine Competition 2016 Women and one of the leaders of the Spanish wine calendar. It will be held on March 30. A contest that, in addition to reward the quality of the wines, attaches great prestige and visibility to its participants, media outreach and recognition in national and international media.

The winners, who are given credentials Great Diamond, Diamond and Ruby within each category will be presented in the domestic market and in Asia at the request of importers and foreign distributors.
Officially recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture (BOE No. 316 of 31/12/2014), Wine and Women is the only competition in Spain that values ​​the participation of women in the process of processing and marketing of wine, from the choice of vines to sale.
These awards are presented all those wines which have been produced by wineries where the woman shares 50% of the responsibility in key areas (Production -Enóloga, agrónoma- Engineering, Marketing and Marketing -Director responsible for export- or administration – Director, Administradora-).
The wines submitted will be assessed on March 30 by a jury composed exclusively of professional women in the world of wine, sommeliers, journalists and winemakers, that in blind tastings, decide which ones are best.
But also they are valued by consumers 1 abrilen a public tasting tribute to women to be organized by VINOQUEDADAS.COM.




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